Jessie, Emma, Louis, Eric, Isa, Sam and Nell

Jessie, Emma, Louis, Eric, Isa, Sam and Nell
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Friday, August 13, 2010

Lost Characters

Sam has mentioned the sad loss of Hildegard, our favorite 13th century teenage nun. But she's not the only character who's fallen by the wayside. During the improvisations we did to create material for Cartogoraphasia, we created dozens of different characters. Some only lasted for half an hour, some were returned to and developed before ultimately being discarded. Here's a taste of who could have been in our play:

Captain Lorenzo: possibly the group favorite. We think he's Italian, but really, it's anybody's guess. He has magical powers, due to his tiny hands. He's good at keeping secrets, even though his best friend Bud is not so good at it.

Bud: a West Virginian who isn't ex-military but wishes he were. Yo-yo enthusiast. Captain Lorenzo likes to call him Captain Bud. He's not very good at keeping secrets, even though he tries hard. Did you know that Captain Lorenzo has never been with a lady? Awwwwww I'm sorry, Captain Lorenzo! You know I don't mean to!

Wavy: Very earth-mother type. She's either really enlightened or perpetually high.

Fun fact! Captain Lorenzo, Wavy, and Bud were all created in the same improv, along with...(drumroll)...Laurel Davis, who did make the final cut! I'm sure she misses her former compatriots.

Jerome: a 17th century German monk under a vow of silence. He spends his days in prayer and tending his herb garden, and he'll be going on pilgrimage to the Holy See next year.

Petey: a homeless Vietnam vet, who panhandles on the street. He's actually deep undercover for the FBI. Probably. He also does some temp work for the CIA. But the FBI comes first.

Not to mention the teenage daughter of an evil villain, a confused old beekeeper, an angry truck driver, a closeted churchgoer, a wealthy philanthropist, a Lady Monster, a narcoleptic police officer, Captain Vincenzo (Captain Lorenzo's arch-nemesis), a kid named Andy, the various parts of Andy's brain, some British colonialists, and a very questionable tourguide.

Where are they now?

Bud went on to crew a magical fishing boat with Captains Lorenzo and Wavy. He still blurts out Lorenzo's secrets at every turn.
Jerome remained in the monastery until his death, and puttered around the garden until the end. Also, he exchanged secret love poetry with his best friend, Brother John.
Petey was eventually promoted to Assistant Director of the FBI, and can be found loitering on the streets of New York to this day.

I know what you're thinking: can we go to the play that the broncos didn't make? Well, wait until you see the one we did. If you thought THOSE characters sound good, remember: they were just the rejects! We saved the best for you next weekend, and the one after that.

So come check out Cartogoraphasia, September 3, 4, 10, and 11th!

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Monday, August 9, 2010

T-Shirts! T-Shirts! Get 'Em While They're Hawtt!

You know, Telephone Bronco's been around for a while now. More than six whole months since our first tentative conversations about what we might want to make a play about, about who we all dreamt of working with, about how we were ever, ever going to just sit down and make a play. We did it: we got together, we threw around ideas, we got our Fringe forms in on time. We picked a name. We picked a SHOW name. We made a Facebook page. We got a blog. We ordered posters and postcards for our show-- we even started putting them out around Philadelphia. Now, our tickets are even on sale! But still, something was missing. Something to make us official. Something to make us feel... whole.

But that something is COMING RIGHT UP. Because on AUGUST 20th, Telephone Bronco will have T-SHIRTS. That's right. T-SHIRTS.... with our LOGO on them.

THIS logo:

(... on a dark gray background).

I kid you not. That day is approaching.

And one of these T-shirts... could be yours.

We don't have a ton of them. So order soon, by emailing! Cuz they're first come, first serve. We'll keep a log of who orders when, and what size, and when they arrive at the doorstep, we'll turn 'em right around and send 'em back out. Going price is $12, or best offer. Send us cash, or make a check out to Jessie Bear and slap it in the mail. Who's first?

Monday, August 2, 2010

death of a character

Hey remember when we posted our list of characters? And we said that one of them is a nun?

Well, the creative process can be brutal. Alas, Hildegard the Nun is no more.

She met her demise at the hands of a furry adversary,

video courtesy of maisonfaux.

more from Eric soon on Hildegard and other beloved departed characters.