Jessie, Emma, Louis, Eric, Isa, Sam and Nell

Jessie, Emma, Louis, Eric, Isa, Sam and Nell
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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Hey There World!

A quick survey:
1) Do you like theater?
2) Do you like doing nice things for people?
3) Have you secretly always wanted to be someone's hero?
4) Will you only be able to sleep well tonight knowing that you had a DIRECT HAND in making Telephone Bronco Theater Company's 2010 production of Cartogoraphasia?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, you're in luck! You can now CONTRIBUTE to Telephone Bronco using our secure Paypal site!

It's important to all of us at Telephone Bronco that you know that ALL contributions will go DIRECTLY towards the many essentials we need to stage this play in September. (And there are many!...)

Earlier this year, Telephone Bronco was very privileged to receive the Swarthmore Project in Theater Grant, which is allowing us access to incredible rehearsal space for the summer. The creative process is really cooking!! -- (we hope that you check out the photos and blog posts for some fabulous teases on what our show will look like!!) As we look forward towards September, however, costs are beginning to loom. Everything from space rental, to set pieces and materials, costumes, props, posters, programs, crazy stuff like insurance (you need that for everything these days)...the list goes on. And thank you in advance -- we are incredibly grateful for the outpouring of support you have shown us so far in following our blog and "fanning" us on Facebook (we're quite flattered, really...), and we look forward to seeing you in September!

A quick but important note: your AMAZINGLY GENEROUS contributions are, for legal purposes, NOT tax-deductible. The (lengthy) process of becoming an official nonprofit is a long-term goal that Telephone Bronco hopes to one day achieve, but one thing at a time; for now we're working as hard as we can simply to dazzle you with Cartogoraphasia. However, if you choose to contribute to our show, we will more than make up for it with love, photos, thank you notes and magic. We're cool like that.

Convinced? Check out the link below!!

less than three,


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