Jessie, Emma, Louis, Eric, Isa, Sam and Nell

Jessie, Emma, Louis, Eric, Isa, Sam and Nell
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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Meet the Members - Day 2

Another day, another bronco! Today is the fabulous and bewhiskered Louis Jargow.

Name: Louis Jargow
Hometown: Woodstock, NYCurrent Town: Philadelphia
Role in Company: Director
Recent Productions He's Been Involved In: An Oresteia
People in the Philly Theater Scene You Love!: NPL/ Riot Group
Favorite Dinosaur: Deinonychus, a little, feathered raptor
Favorite Internet Procrastination Tool: TUMBLR- hit me up @
Favorite Libation: Weyerbacher's Simcoe IPA
Sign off: Foreman said that Sausser said that there are three kinds of people in life. People who focus on the structure in life, people who focus on the content of life, and the artists who focus on all possibilities in play.

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