Jessie, Emma, Louis, Eric, Isa, Sam and Nell

Jessie, Emma, Louis, Eric, Isa, Sam and Nell
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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Meet Our Members!

Hi everyone,

Over the next week, we will be featuring each of our members on the site so
you can get to know us. Seven days for seven members, we'll give you a little background information on ourselves and let you know our roles in the company.

Today, we present the lovely Emma Ferguson, our designer:

Name: Emma M Ferguson

Hometown: Boston, MA

Current Town: Philadelphia!!

Role: Set Designer

Recent Productions She’s Been Involved in: Preparations for Departure, The Wild Party, La Dispute

People in the Philly Theater Scene That She loves: Matchbox Theater Co Headlong Dance Theater, Azuka Theater, Lucidity Suitcase Intercontinental. I'm sure I'll find new faves this year, though!

Favorite Dinosaur: SPINOSAURUS. One time I made one out of balsa wood! Then it ate my toy brontosaurus...

Internet Procrastination: NYTimes Ken Ken Puzzles. The worst.

Favorite Drink: Eric's Buckin' Bronco Ginger Beer, made into a Dark n Stormy

She only makes visual puns.

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